March 12, 2010

Laser or Goggles

So it looks like I've made up my mind, at least for now. I've spent the last couple of months thinking about getting laser surgery to correct my vision, but in the end the risks seem too great for the slight annoyance I would be correcting. My eyes aren't that terrible, after all, -1.50, so even if there was a great glasses blight after the end of the world, I'd still be able to walk around without bumping into things. Everyone I know who's had corrective surgery is happy with the results, and in fact 95% of people are, as far as I could ascertain. That remaining 5% is bothersome to me, though, and I HATE creating a new problem when I solve an existing one.

So today I ordered a prescription version of these, to eliminate my reliance on bothersome contacts at least for cycling, and I think they look kinda citified as well, so I won't look like I'm wearing cycling goggs if I wear these around town. Maybe I'll look into the lasers again next year.

Ray-Ban RB4054 Sunglasses

Posted by Ken Allen at March 12, 2010 4:48 PM