January 26, 2010

size matters

I upgraded to a 27" iMac, because, well, size matters, and I love being able to have stuff open all over the place. It also allowed me to sell my old iMac to Bonnie, who I feared was going to replace her aged PC with another PC because of cost, which is just plain wrong. Everyone wins, and the world has another convert to the Cult of Apple.

The new iMac came with a seriously downsized keyboard, though, which was infuriating. I use the number pad all. the. time. The new wireless keyboard has no number pad. Also no home/end or page up/down keys. No function keys beyond F12 (F13 is Print Screen in Windows when using VMWare Fusion). Sometimes Apple takes aesthetics too far... the smaller keyboard footprint does indeed make the desk look less cluttered, but at the cost of too much function.

But there are workarounds. Turns out that VMWare Fusion includes the ability to remap keys to PrintScr in its preferences, and a great tool (which I learned about here), KeyRemap4MacBook, maps FN+jkluio789 to a "virtual" number pad (among many other very useful things). And so the fury abates once again.

PS: Also have to say, briefly, that the magic mouse is definitely a welcome upgrade from the naughty mighty mouse. No more screeching with rage when the tiny ball, yet again, decides that it doesn't scroll down after I've used control scroll-up to zoom all the way in on something.

Some people say life is about more joy, but sometimes I'll settle for less fury.

Posted by Ken Allen at January 26, 2010 12:18 PM