June 29, 2009

parade moment

I've always disliked parades, and the pride parade is really no exception. Whether it's marching bands or drag queens, I've just never really understood the point of endlessly watching them all go by. Today, though, I had my first exciting parade moment ever.

The fire truck in the parade stopped abruptly and both of the firemen fell down, still on top of the truck but in a heap. One got up, shook his head, and then reached down to help the other up. The one still down seemed a bit dazed, though, and took a few moments to clear his head before accepting assistance getting up. His "rescuer" then pulled him in for a deep kiss and something in my brain exploded.

Firemen kissing... just imagine!

I might still be bored at my next parade, but I'll for sure be watching out for a fire truck...

Posted by Ken Allen at June 29, 2009 12:38 AM