November 18, 2007

Time Machine and netatalk

So after deleting all of my data, and after Patrick (heareafter to be known as The Hero) recovered much of it for me, I finally got Time Machine to start backing up my Macbook to my network storage device (NAS). This was not simple. Here are the steps I followed in case anyone is interested. They may or may not all be necessary.

  1. Get netatalk working on your NAS, compiling the code yourself to include SSL support. I have a D-Link DNS-323.
  2. On your NAS, edit your /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default to include the share points. Basically, you just add lines with the full path to a folder you want to share, followed by a tab (or spaces), followed by the name, in double-quotes, of what you want to call the share point that users will connect to in order to access that folder. That took a long time for me to understand, though. There's way too much info here.
  3. Get some sort of zeroconf server to advertise AFP. Note that these instructions include editing your /etc/netatalk.afpd.conf file to deviate from the defaults. I did that.
  4. Create a user on your NAS to correspond with each Mac user (hint: use the adduser command). Create a .passwd file in the home directories of all users connecting with Leopard that contains the user's password. Found here.
  5. Put a file named "" at the root of the AFP volume. Found here.
  6. Type the following in Terminal on your Mac:
    defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

After all this, and waiting for a bit after remounting the afp share I'm using for the backup (since it didn't work right away but then it did after waiting for a while), I was able to select the afp share in Time Machine as the backup device. I feel completely and totally geeked out. Time to go do something else while the Time Machine backup (hopefully) completes.

Posted by Ken Allen at November 18, 2007 8:09 PM